Posted on: September 11, 2009 4:18 pm

Injury Prone WRs

This seems to be a common misconception - Panthers WR Steve Smith is "Injury Prone"

Being a Panthers fan, I come accross this fairly constantly, even hearing a buddy pass on Smith in our fantasy draft because he wanted someone more reliable from an injury standpoint.

Here is a list of games missed over the past 4 years by what I consider 10 of the top WRs in the league: (in order of games missed)

1. Wayne - 0
2. Steve Smith - 3 (missed 5 total, 2 due to team suspension)
3. Randy Moss - 3
4. Ochocinco - 3
5. Fitzgerald
6. Houzmanzadeh - 5
7. Jennings - 5
9. Boldin - 10
9. T.O. - 10
10. A. Johnson - 10
Except for Reggie Wayne, he has been the least injured top WR in football.  Where do these baseless rumors get started and why is it that people can't check this widely available information for themselves?  For the record Smith missed all of 2004 with a broken leg, but I really wounldn't call that injury prone.  It was a legit break from a tackle, not a knick here and a sprain there. 
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